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About: A dry blend of specific marine protein precursors, immunostimulant compounds, feeding stimulants, and seventeen critical free-form amino acids provided in a specific ratio to encourage cell growth and robustness in anthozoans. Prolifer8 is intended to be applied as a supplement to particulate feeds dispersed into recirculating marine ecosystems housing anthozoans. Prepare as directed, and apply as necessary. Monitor system nutrient levels following application. Modify usage as required.

Dry blend does not require refrigeration, however it should be stored in a dry location below 80°F. If maintained sealed when not in use and kept free of moisture and contaminants, contents remain viable for up to 10 years. Proven in commercial coral culture systems.

Preparation: In a clean vessel, mix with system water at the ratio of 1 g Prolifer8 to 30 mL (1 fl. oz.) water. Allow dry components to saturate and disperse completely into water. Use mixture within 24 hours.

Target application: Using a pipette, disperse the desired volume of the mixture 2”- 3” upcurrent from specimen(s). Recommended is 1 - 4 mL of the mixture per mature specimen daily, or as desired.

Broadcast application: Disperse desired volume of mixture into pump exhaust(s) such that the mixture will be circulated throughout the cohort grow out area. Stocking density in system dictates the volume of the mixture to be applied, however a sensible starting point is 1 fl. oz. of the mixture per 4 sq. ft. of area colonized by anthozoan culture.

Frequency of application: If using as a general aid in coral tissue growth, then application of small volumes of the solution every 2 - 4 days yields superior results to lower-frequency, higher volume application. Monitor and adjust nutrient concentrations to achieve desired cohort appearance and growth rate. Recommended is to apply the solution using an automated dosing system, with dosing taking place while the cohort is illuminated ≥60% maximum daily intensity.

Ingredient Statement: Proprietary blend of marine protein precursors, immunostimulant compounds, feeding stimulants, and seventeen critical free-form amino acids. This formulation does not incorporate: preservatives; pH-modifying components; food colors; fillers; emulsifiers.

Prolifer8 50 g

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