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Customized solution for addressing ionic deficiencies identified by our review of customer-provided ICP analysis, for systems with a net volume ≤500 U.S. gallons. 


Process requires that the customer provides us with a copy of their ICP analysis, or a link to review it online.  Following this, a customized master dosing solution with a volume of 1.0 L is formulated and ships within 1 - 4 business days.  The customer can further dilute this master solution with their own purified water if desired.  To determine the volume of solution dosed per day, the customer divides the total solution volume by the number of days until the next ICP report is anticipated to arrive.  For example, if the next ICP analysis is expected 40 days from the start date of dosing, then the customer would dose 25 mL of the master solution daily (1,000 mL ÷ 40 days = 25 mL/day).


Elements which may be included in this master solution:

  • B
  • Ba
  • Br
  • Co
  • Cr
  • Cu
  • F*
  • Fe
  • I
  • K
  • Mn
  • Mo
  • Ni
  • Rb
  • Se
  • V
  • Zn


*If the ICP report includes F as a parameter, then F dosing (if required) is based upon the calculated deficiency.  If the ICP provider did not test for F, then this element (again, if required) is included at a strength corresponding to 1 drop Isol8 F per 100 gallons system volume per day.


Divalent major ions, including Mg, Ca, and Sr, are not included in this customized formulation.  Unless otherwise requested by the customer, Si will not be included.

ICP Customized Master Dosing Solution 1000 mL

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